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Durite® offers a range of materials that is not readily available in the market place. Rare stones and aggregates are imported by Durite, such as white/pink powder & granular form of crushed Quartzite used in fine matrix for terrazzo table tops & flooring, making volume between stone-spaces in terrazzo more dense and creating a natural stone effect rather than synthetic material.
Terrazzo Metal Strips Durite imports, and uses local US manufactures for production of standard and specially made metal strips used in terrazzo floors for esthetics, expansion joints, and color separation in terrazzo floor art design. Metal profiles are “L” or “T” shaped and ranges in white metals (Zinc/ Aluminum) to copper based (Brass) and custom made colors (Polyester Dividers), such as red, black and other colors. Thickness and sizes vary and are priced accordingly.

Durite® also pre-assembles Metal Design & Box Dividers for making site work assembling easier and more cost-effective. Metal design and box dividers are used to create shapes & forms that would be installed in terrazzo floors using metal design as terrazzo color separations coupled with esthetic looks of metal strips in terrazzo floors. Design and specs are sent to Durite for pricing.

E-poxy polymers:
Durite® had researched and experimented with different E-poxy manufacturing companies for selecting the E-poxy of choice. Each E-poxy polymer has it’s own characteristics ranging in “colors”(not all black colors are same), “curing time” (fast or delayed setting),“hardness/brittle-ness”(effects cutting buffing and polishing), “compressive and tensile strength”, all effects the handling, esthetics and hardness of floors/ table tops & other terrazzo products. Durite® has perfected E-poxy add-mixtures for achieving different results in floor surfacing, table/bar tops and pre-cast applications.

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