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Durazzo™ is a process that makes any design with tolerance of 1/16" possible. This process has eliminated the use of metal strips in terrazzo, especially when it was not possible or economically feasible for metal strips to be bent, curved and shaped to produce very fine jewelry precision designs. That is not to say that Durite's Durrazzo does not use metal strips such as Zinc, Brass, and Polyester Strips. On the contrary, Metal Strips enhances design and creates allowance for thermal expansion joints. Many Architects/Owner request metal strips as part of the outer edge design.

commissioned Artworks provides infinite possibilities for pre-fabrication needs. From Corporate Logo's used as "Inlays" in terrazzo floors to elegant stores front entrance, to pedestrian way finding signs in-bedded in terrazzo or concrete floors at airport terminals and parking structures adds new dimension to esthetic looks and functionality.

Durrazzo™ is also being used as vanity tops/ Kitchen counters/Mini-Bars for many major Hotels/Hi-rise buildings and Restaurants, enhancing limited spaces and adding to Architectural elegance and esthetics. Durrazzo Kitchen & Bar tabletops are widely used for out-door/ indoor usage with colors, mixed aggregates, and textures engineered to match with the interior/exterior design.

Durrazzo™ is also used to replicate Lime Stone/Slate/Granite, other natural stones or man made materials such as Terra-cotta, etc. The advantages are a more cost-effective with much lighter (minimum 1/2" thick is 6-lbs/ sq-ft), Harder (Compressive strength of +/-12,000-psi three to four time stronger than concrete or marble) and density that unlike stone is none-porous and none penetrable by water, creating a water-proof barrier. Restoration of deteriorated building exterior/interior architectural elements. Figurines replacement/ restoration of Art-Deco /Art-Nouveau tiles, masonry, stone furniture, Stairs tread covers, Veneer covering for front desks, podium, and fire-place mantels, are now as simple as scanning images and chipping away unwanted surface material.

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